About PlayerMatching.com

Tired of playing with players whose play style is drastically different than yours? Having trouble finding players or games? PlayerMatching was created with that in mind. We're busy, just like you are, and wanted to improve the quality of our gaming time, and not leave it to chance.

With PlayerMatching, you can find games that suit your play style, find players that share your play style, and create groups, guilds, and clans where you can communicate and schedule games with members of your group.

PlayerMatching is in its early stages, so drop us a line or leave a comment in the forums if you have any suggestions. If your favorite game isn't in our database, we've got a spot in the forums for that, too. We've got lots on our roadmap, so we can't promise that we'll implement every suggestion, but we'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for being part of the community!

Evan and Brooke